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Sahih Bukhari
Sahih Bukhari
Book : 14 - Kitab al-Ahadith al-Anbiya' کتاب الاحادیثِ الانبیاء
Kitab al-Ahadith al-Anbiya' Hadith: 613-614 Open MP300:56:26Download
Kitab al-Ahadith al-Anbiya' Hadith: 615-616 Open MP300:30:21Download
Kitab al-Ahadith al-Anbiya' Hadith: 617-620 Open MP300:31:40Download
Kitab al-Ahadith al-Anbiya' Hadith: 621-623 Open MP300:33:53Download
Kitab al-Ahadith al-Anbiya' Hadith: 624-627 Open MP300:29:43Download
Ta'alluq Billah
Ta'alluq Billah
اللہ کے چہرے کی خاطر Open MP301:06:35Download
جب اللہ بندے سے محبت کرتا ہے Open MP301:18:43Download
Roman English
Allah Kay Chehray Ki Khatir Open MP301:06:35Download
Jab Allah Banday Say Mohabbat Karta hay Open MP301:18:43Download
Talibaat Say Mulaqaat
Talibaat Say Mulaqaat
Talibaat Say Mulaqaat
Ta'lim al-Islam 4th Batch Islamabad Open MP301:26:18Download
Ta'lim al-Islam 5th Batch 30-11-1999 Islamabad Open MP300:57:44Download
Ta'lim al-Islam 5th Batch 29-01-2000 Islamabad Open MP301:55:53Download
Ta'lim al-Qur'an 1st Batch 04-03-2000 Karachi Open MP300:42:37Download
Ta'lim al-Islam 6th Batch 2000 Islamabad Open MP301:39:45Download
Bahmi Rabtah Ki Ahmiyat 29-03-2000 Islamabad Open MP300:42:54Download
Bahmi Rabtah Ki Ahmiyat 01-04-2000 Islamabad Open MP303:02:26Download
Ta'lim al-Islam 5th Batch 21-05-2000 Islamabad Open MP301:59:48Download
Ta'lim al-Islam 6th Batch 30-09-2000 Islamabad Open MP301:21:19Download
Ta'lim al-Islam 5th Batch 23-11-2000 Islamabad Open MP301:10:24Download
Ta'lim al-Islam 6th Batch Islamabad Open MP300:45:09Download
Ta'lim al-Qur'an 1st Batch May 2001 Karachi Open MP302:24:53Download
Ta'lim al-Islam 7th Batch 2001 Islamabad Open MP300:39:58Download
Ta'lim al-Islam 7th Batch 05-06-2001 Islamabad Open MP300:44:21Download
Ta'lim al-Islam 7th Batch 07-06-2001 Islamabad Open MP301:33:53Download
Ta'lim al-Islam 8th Batch 01-02-2002 Islamabad Open MP300:40:50Download
Ta'lim al-Islam 7th Batch 02-02-2002 Islamabad Open MP301:23:57Download
Ta'lim al-Islam 8th Batch 28-02-2002 Islamabad Open MP300:39:03Download
Ta'lim al-Islam 7th Batch 01-03-2002 Islamabad Open MP300:18:52Download
Ta'lim al-Islam 8th Batch 01-03-2002 Islamabad Open MP300:27:08Download
Ta'lim al-Qur'an 1st Batch 13-04-2002 Karachi Open MP301:36:09Download
Ta'lim al-Islam 8th Batch 24-10-2002 Islamabad Open MP300:22:53Download
Ta'lim al-Islam 8th Batch 26-10-2002 Islamabad Open MP300:26:18Download
Ta'lim al-Islam 8th Batch 11-12-2002 Islamabad Open MP301:03:19Download
Evening Course 1st Batch 19-12-2002 Islamabad Open MP300:10:48Download
Gurmani House 29-03-2003 Lahore Open MP300:49:58Download
Faisalabad Branch 02-05-2003 Faisalabad Open MP300:43:34Download
Ta'lim al-Qu'an 2nd Batch 05-08-2003 Karachi Open MP300:44:05Download
Ta'lim al-Islam 9th Batch 13+16-08-2003 Islamabad Open MP300:23:03Download
Ta'lim al-Islam 9th Batch 04-12-2003 Islamabad Open MP300:35:41Download
Ta'lim al-Qur'an and Ta'lim al-Islam 1st and 9th Batch 28-05-2004 Islamabad Open MP301:33:48Download
Ta'lim al-Qur'an 3rd Batch 18-06-2004 Islamabad Open MP301:01:11Download
Ta'lim al-Qur'an 3rd Batch 19-06-2004 Islamabad Open MP300:47:25Download
Ta'lim al-Qur'an 3rd Batch 20-06-2004 Islamabad Open MP300:28:39Download
Ta'lim al-Qur'an 06-08-2004 Islamabad Open MP300:35:16Download
Ta'lim al-Qur'an 1st and 2nd Batch 13-08-2004 Islamabad Open MP300:44:32Download
Ta'lim al-Qur'an 3rd Batch 21-08-2004 Islamabad Open MP301:04:54Download
Ta'lim al-Islam 7th, 8th and 9th Batch 27-09-2004 Islamabad Open MP300:49:56Download
Tarbiyati Course 07-02-2005 Lahore Open MP300:33:09Download
Tarbiyati Course 14-02-2005 Lahore Open MP300:34:51Download
Ta'lim al-Qur'an 3rd and 4th Batch 24-06-2006 Karachi Open MP300:53:07Download
Ta'lim al-Islam 20-02-2010 Islamabad Open MP300:42:33Download
Faisalabad Branch 16-12-2011 Faisalabad Open MP301:17:05Download
Abu Dhabi Class 15-01-2012 Abu Dhabi Open MP301:28:58Download
Faisalabad Branch 06-10-2012 Faisalabad Open MP300:41:26Download
Iman Foundation 11-03-2013 London Open MP300:25:09Download
Class Reflections 18-09-2013 Banglore Open MP300:28:46Download
Pakistan Association 18-11-2013 Dubai Open MP300:56:23Download
Machrala 24-12-2013 Islamabad Open MP300:47:41Download
Convocation 24-12-2013 Islamabad Open MP300:57:30Download
Rochdale Class 01-01-2014 Rochdale Open MP300:14:26Download
Khanewal Branch 19-02-2014 Khanewal Open MP300:35:24Download
Multan Branch 21-02-2014 Multan Open MP300:48:36Download
Gulshan e Iqbal Branch 10-03-2016 Karachi Open MP300:41:48Download
Ulum al-Qur'an Eng 2016
Ulum al-Qur'an Eng 2016
Ulum al-Qur'an Eng 2016
Introduction, Benefits and History of Ulum Al Qur’an, The Qur’an-Linguistic meaning, Definition of the Qur’an Open MP300:43:19Download
Definition of the Qur’an, Qur’an as the Kalaam of Allah, The Names of The Qur’an, The Qur’an as described in Qur’an and Sunnah Open MP300:58:57Download
Inspiration Al-Wahi, Meaning, Types and Procedure of Wahi, Difference between Qur’an and Hadith Qudsi, Gradual Revelation Open MP300:59:47Download
Tampering of the Revelation?, Categories of Revelation, Wisdom behind Gradual Revelation, The First and the Last Revelation Open MP300:48:07Download
The Makki and and Madani verses, The Categories of Makki and Madani, The Benefits of Knowing Makki and Madani, The Causes of Revelation, Derivation of Asbaab an nuzool Open MP300:56:13Download
The benefits of knowing Asbaab An Nuzool, Compilation of the Qur’an, During the life of Prophet s.a.w Open MP300:55:42Download
Stages of Compilation, The Script of the Mus-haf Open MP300:56:12Download
The Verses of the Qur’an, The Number and Arrangement of Verses, The Basmalah Open MP300:56:28Download
The Surahs of the Qur’an, The arrangement, Number and Classification of surahs Open MP300:47:21Download
The Beginning and Ending of the Surahs, Ahruf of the Qur’an, What is meant by the Ahruf of the Qur’an (different opinions) Open MP301:01:30Download
The wisdom in the various Ahruf, Qira’aat of the Qur’an, The history of the Qira’aat, The conditions of an authentic Qira’aat Open MP300:54:08Download
Types of Qira’aat, The Authentic Qira’aat and Qarees, The relationship of the Ahruf and the Qira’aat Open MP300:49:41Download
The Clear and UnClear Verses, The Qur’an as Muhkam and Mutashabih, Categories of Mutashabih Open MP300:48:09Download
The Naasikh And Mansookh, The proof of Naskh, The Conditions and Categories of Naskh Open MP300:53:30Download
Benefits of knowing Naasikh and Mansookh, The Number of Naasikh /Mansookh verses in the Qur’an, I’jaaz al-Qur’an (Miraculous Nature), The Qur’an as the miracle of Prophet (s.a.w) Open MP300:45:10Download
The Types of I’jaaz, The Quantity for I’jaaz Open MP300:55:07Download
The Interpretation of The Qur’an, The Necessity and importance of Tafsir, The History of Tafsir Open MP300:55:24Download
The Principles of Tafsir Open MP300:46:36Download
The Principles of Tafsir, The Qualifications of a Mufassir, The Types of Tafsir Open MP301:00:35Download
The Types of Tafsir, The Dangers of Improper Tafsir, The Translation of the Qur’an, The Types and Conditions of Translation, The Importance of Arabic, The History of Translation Open MP300:55:54Download
(For example: Fatih, Sila Rahm, Waqt, Luqman, YouTube etc.)

Date Filter : To: <--Change these dates to see records uploaded during a different date range)