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Al-Huda International School


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To develop academic skills of children, enhance their natural talents, impart authentic religious education and ensure positive character building, in order for them to become responsible Muslims, contributing citizens and respectful human beings.


We believe that every child is born with an innate goodness. With the help of Allah and the participation of God-fearing parents, the teachers and staff at Al-Huda International School commit to:

  • Make the students gain knowledge in a way that guides them to create a stronger bonding with their Creator, through a blend of the Qur'an with every subject.
  • Guide them in how to recognise, respect and love their Creator and His creation.
  • Build each child's self-esteem, confidence and liking for good, as explained in the Quran and Sunnah.
  • Empower each child to become a responsible Muslim, contributing citizen and a respectful human being.
  • Develop confident and strong personalities with a thoughtful mind and adherence to authentic Islamic values.


Al-Huda International School is an endeavour to integrate Islamic Knowledge into the globally recognized school system. The key features of our program are:


All children are born with innate righteousness and given the right environment, guidance and training they can develop into true Muslims.

Nurturing Environment

The Quran and Sunnah is our guide to set up an environment conducive for our children to become independent learners and help them develop life-long positive habits.


Our staff is trained with experience of inculcating Islamic values into the curriculum. They are caring and sensitive to the needs of the children and the requirements of the religion.

Our Approach

We use a child-centered approach. Children choose activities of their choice and work side by side with other children which helps them enhance their social skills.

Areas of Learning

Practical Life

Children learn to concentrate and to be independent by practical life experiences. Such experiences train the children to care for themselves, others and their environment.


In the sensorial area, children are allowed to explore using their senses. When these experiences are linked to the Quran and Sunnah it helps them appreciate their Creator and His creation.


Children learn math concepts with manipulative and concrete experiences which help them grasp even larger numbers and difficult concepts.


Children develop a strong foundation for reading, writing and listening using the language activities which help nourish their vocabulary.


The child is introduced to the world via this area while integrating the subjects of Science, History, Geography, Arts & Crafts.

Our Facilities


Well-lit, air-conditioned and spacious rooms to provide a space that is congenial to the educational development of the students


Equipped with the latest books in English, Arabic and Urdu. Other resources include projectable books, flash cards, educational videos and other learning aids

Recreational areas

Hard and soft surface play areas, sand area and taekwondo studio


Well-equipped sick-bay is available on campus where a doctor is present during school hours


The campus is surrounded by barbed wires on the boundary wall. 24 hours surveillance is ensured through CCTV cameras and guard on duty. There is a standby generator to ensure uninterrupted functioning of the school.


For more information regarding courses, admissions and procedures, please contact us through our Help Desk.

News & Updates

Convocation Ceremony in Karachi | Special Ilm Sessions by Dr Farhat Hashmi | Fri. 27 Feb, 2015 |Timings: 11:30 am to 1:00 pm In sha Allah | Topic: الطریق الجنۃ Al-Tareeq Al-Jannah

Live Lectures in Karachi! Mon-Tues 2nd - 3rd, March. 2015 | Timings: 10 am - 1:00 pm |Topic: الاصول الثلاثہ Al-Usul Al-Thalathah Venue: RangoonWala Hall Karachi

Live Lecture: Al Aqueedah al Wasitiyah by Dr.Farhat Hashmi | classes from Thursday 12th February | 11:30 am - 1:00 pm

Live Lecture: Fiqh al-Qulub by Dr. Farhat Hashmi |Every Friday| 2:00 pm - 04:00 pm

Quilts Distribution: Reaching out to the needy people in Cold Weather 2014

New Courses in Islamabad: Taleem al Quran 2015 | Taleem al Hadith 2015| Taleem al Tajweed

New Lectures: Seerat e Sahabiyyaat by Dr. Farhat Hashmi | Sayyidah Ruqaiqah Bint e Abi Saify (r a) | Lesson 37-40 Uploaded

New Lectures: Paigham e Qur'an by Dr. Idrees Zubair| Parah 19 Uploaded

New Magazine: With the grace of Allah (swt) the first e-mag 'Mir'aatul Huda' has been launched by AlHuda International School.

New Lectures: Al-Wasaa'il al-Mufidah Li al-Hayat al-Saeedah by Dr. Farhat Hashmi|Lessons 6-8 Uploaded

New Lectures: Sahih Bukhari by Taimiyyah Zubair | The Book of Adhan| Lessons 109-118 Uploaded

New Lectures: Taleem al-Qur'an 2012 (English - Taimiyyah Zubair)| Juz 5 | Lessons 60-65 Uploaded

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