Prayer According To Sunnah 2018

Al-Huda Podcasts

01-Salah: Obligation, Eminence and Importance - Negligence in the Matter of Salah is Kufr (Infidelity) pg 27-3400:31:58 Listen
02-Salah: Eminence of Salat pg 34-4600:35:25 Listen
03-Conditions of Salah, Dress of the Worshipper pg 112-11900:33:22 Listen
04-Dress of the Worshipper, Injunctions Relating to Mosques: Excellence of Mosques - Virtue of Praying Voluntary Prayers at Home pg 119-13300:35:58 Listen
05-Injunctions Relating to Mosques: Tahiyat-ul-Masjid - All the Earth is a Place for Performing Salah pg 133-14800:44:01 Listen
06-Timings of Prayers: Superiority of Offering Salah at the Prescribed Hour - Lapsed Prayers pg 149-16400:40:04 Listen
07-Review: Timings of Prayers00:34:09 Listen
08-Adhan and Iqamah: The Excellence of the Adhan and the Mu'adhin - Duration between the Two Adhans of Fajr pg 165-18000:39:10 Listen
09-Adhan and Iqamah: Adhans For Every Salah - If the Meal Has Been Served pg 180-18800:38:30 Listen
10-Congregational Salat: Its Excellence and Obligation - Straightening the Rows pg 189-20200:42:27 Listen
11-Congregational Salat: Congregational Prayers of Two People - Performing Salah behind a sinner or Heretic pg 202-21300:41:36 Listen
12-Congregational Salat: The Imam is appointed to be Followed - Leading the Salah By an Unwanted Person pg 213-22100:46:09 Listen
13-The Qiblah - The Sutrah pg 223-23800:44:23 Listen
14-Khushu' in Salah pg 239-24300:23:20 Listen
15-Khushu' in Salah pg 243-24800:26:29 Listen
16-Regarding The Prophet's (s.a.w) Guidance in Prayer: Description of Salah pg 249-25400:27:23 Listen
17-Regarding The Prophet's (s.a.w) Guidance in Prayer: Takbir Al-Ahram - Placing the Right Hand in the Left pg 254-26000:28:11 Listen
18-Regarding The Prophet's (s.a.w) Guidance in Prayer: What to Say After the Takbir pg 260-26300:27:03 Listen
19-Regarding The Prophet's (s.a.w) Guidance in Prayer: Then Recite the Ta'aweedth - Saying Ameen pg 263-27200:31:04 Listen
20-Regarding The Prophet's (s.a.w) Guidance in Prayer: Rules of Recitation - Raf'ul-Yadain pg 272-29600:30:58 Listen
21-Regarding The Prophet's (s.a.w) Guidance in Prayer: Description of Bowing Perfectly - Bowing behind the Rows pg 296-30100:28:26 Listen
22-Regarding The Prophet's (s.a.w) Guidance in Prayer: Qauma or Standing after Bowing - Prostration pg 302-30500:28:37 Listen
23-Regarding The Prophet's (s.a.w) Guidance in Prayer: Description of the Prostration pg 306-31000:27:03 Listen
24-Regarding The Prophet's (s.a.w) Guidance in Prayer: What to Invoke in Prostration - Sitting Straight, Then Getting up pg 310-31600:27:20 Listen
25-Regarding The Prophet's (s.a.w) Guidance in Prayer: The Tashahhud - Raising Hand in the Third Rak'ah pg 316-32200:26:39 Listen
26-Regarding The Prophet's (s.a.w) Guidance in Prayer: Compensation of First Thshahhud - Then Recite any Supplication pg 322-32900:28:42 Listen
27-Regarding The Prophet's (s.a.w) Guidance in Prayer: Taslim pg 329-33100:26:19 Listen
28-Adhkar After Taslim pg 333-34100:54:28 Listen
29-Sujud As-Sahw pg 343-34600:32:23 Listen
30-The Witr Prayer pg 371-37900:48:05 Listen
31-Qunut, The Night Prayer pg 352-356, 381-40300:49:48 Listen
32-The Abridged Prayer (Prayer During A Journey), Istisqa' Prayer pg 413-424, 467-47400:53:26 Listen
33-Eid Festivals, Prayer During A Solar Eclipse, The Abridged Prayer Review pg 453-466, 475-47901:01:55 Listen
34-Jumu'ah Prayer, Tahiyat-ul-Masjid, Tahiyat-ul-Wudhu, Duaha Prayer pg 425-451, 409-41101:04:29 Listen
35-Salat-ul-Istikharah pg 485-48700:37:12 Listen
36-The Funeral Prayer, Salah-ul-Tawbah pg 491-52500:55:54 Listen

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