Heavy Rains

Heavy rains


Emergency Relief 2020

Karachi Region-Sindh Province

During the current monsoon 2020, Sindh faced several spells of moderate-heavy rains. These heavy rains affected several districts of Sindh Province and many families were displaced due to the heavy rains in Sindh Province, considering this Emergency Situation, the organization immediately provided dry & cooked food to them.

 After the situation normalized, many families went back to their homes, others were still displaced.  The organization identified 1,300 families from Karachi, Dadu, Larkana, MirpurKhas, Umerkot, Thar and Badin for provided Ration, Water, Mosquito Nets and Mosquito Repellents.

District Wise Distribution Status is as under.

1. Karachi 150

2. Hyderabad 100

3. MirpurKhas 245

4. Umerkot 150

5. Badin 92

6. Tharparker 362

7. Dadu 184

8. Larkana 17

Total 1,300 families


Sindh Region

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Karachi -  150 Families
 Khi-2  Khi-6
 Khi-3  Khi-1
 Khi-5  Khi-4

 Kotri Hyderabad - 40 Families

 Hosri Hyderabad - 42 Families

Huderabad-1 Huderabad-2
Huderabad-3 Huderabad-4
 Huderabad-6  Huderabad-5

Village Muhammad Ibrahim Dal, Jamshoro

Hyderabad - 18 Families

Huderabad-8 Huderabad-9

New Muslim Society Tando Jan Mohammad,

District Mirpurkhas- 45 Families

 Mirpur Khas-3  Mirpur Khas-5
Mirpur Khas-6 Mirpur Khas-4
Mirpur Khas-12 Mirpur Khas-7
 MirpurKhas - 200  Families
Mirpur Khas-1 Mirpur Khas-2
Mirpur Khas-9 Mirpur Khas-8
Mirpur Khas-11 Mirpur Khas-10
  MirpurKhas ( Medical Camp)
Mirpur Khas-13 Mirpur Khas-14
Mirpur Khas-15 Mirpur Khas-16

Monpali, District Umerkot-  50 Families


Umer Kot-1 Umer Kot-2
Umer Kot-3 Umer Kot-4
Umer Kot-5 Umer Kot-6
 Umer Kot-7  Umer Kot-8
 Umer Kot-9  Umer Kot-10

Village Arbab Haji Khair Muhammad Notiyar,

Kadhan, Disteict Badin - 57 Families

Kadhan-01 Kadhan-03
Kadhan-02 Kadhan-04

Nabi Sir Muhalla, Kunri,

District Umerkot- 40 Families

Kunri-01 Kunri-02
Kunri-03 Kunri-04

BustanShakh, Kunri, DisteictUmerkot.

20 Families

Bustan Shakh-1 Bustan Shakh-2
Bustan Shakh-3 Bustan Shakh-4

Village Ali Ahmed Nizamani, Ali Pur, Matli.

District Badin. 35 Families

Matli-1 Matli-2
Matli-3 Matli-4
Matli-5 Matli-6

Cheel Band and BustanCity, Kunri,

District Umerkot40 Families

Cheel Band-1 Cheel Band-2
Cheel Band-3 Cheel Band-4

Village Muhammad Ibrahim Samoo, Naukot,

District Tharparkar112 Families


Naukot-1 Naukot-2
Naukot-3 Naukot-4

SatooMail, NauKot, District Tharparkar.

250 Families

Satoo Mail-1 Satoo Mail-2
Satoo Mail-3 Satoo Mail-4

Village Ghazyani, District Dadu-Taluka Johi-

Kacho.50 Families

Ghazyani-1 Ghazyani-2
Ghazyani-3 Ghazyani-4

Village Muhammad Siddique Jamali,

District Dadu-Taluka Jphi-Kacho50 Families

Jamali-1 Jamali-2
Jamali-3 Jamali-4

Village PirBuxLashari, District Dadu,

Taluka Johi-Kacho17 Families

Pir Bux-1 Pir Bux-2
Pir Bux-3 Pir Bux-4

Village Allah RakhyoJamali, District Dadu,

Taluka Johi49 Families

Allah Rakhyo-1 Allah Rakhyo-2

Village Ghulam Muhammad Lashari,

District Dadu18 Families

Ghulam Muhammad-1 Ghulam Muhammad-2
Ghulam Muhammad-3 Ghulam Muhammad-4

Larkana-Ratodero- 17 Families

Larkana-1 Larkana-2
Larkana-3 Larkana-4