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Flood Relief Pakistan 2022

 Al-Huda International Welfare Foundation Sindh Region

 Emergency Relief Report

  2nd August-10th September 2022 





Makli, Thatta


• Approximately 300 affected were served cooked food

• Clothes distributed amongst them


Tando Jan Mohammad New Muslim Basti, Mirpur khas


• 80+ People were served cooked food

 Tando Jan Mohammad

Village Ghulam Nabi –Sultanabad in Mirpurkhas

• 100 Villagers provided rations in cooperation with Allah Walay Trust.

 Village Ghulam Nabi

Kunri, Umerkot

• 100 people, Cooked food (two daigs)was served.

• 60 Rations,

• 45 Tarpals and

•10 Tents were given to affectees


Kunri, Umerkot


70 families were given

• Food

• 210 pairs of Clothes and

• 70 water bottles

The Muslims were fed in the masjid and Hindus outside


Malkani, Badin


• 25 IDP families were given rations

 Malkani- Badin

Sheikh Bunder Road, Malkani, Badin


•250 people were served cooked food

 Sheikh Bunder Road

Malkani, Badin:

3rd Sept

the staff of Malkani Center served  50 IDPs in a nearby school with

•cooked food and rotis
•Gave crockery from their homes 
 Malkani- Badin-1
Malkani, Badin:

On 3rd September 2022

50 Hygiene kits were distributed amongst women and
lecture on hygiene was given
Malkani- Badin3



Malkani, Badin:

On 4th September 2022

• 300 +people were served cooked food

7th Sept

 death of a Hindu female 2 daigs were served 100 people

 Malkani- Badin2
 Bachulabad School,Malkani,Badin:



On 3rd September 2022


111 people were given




• Surf


 Bachulabad School

Gaheja Road, Shikarpur:



• 8 families living in straw huts were given papas, dry milk and biscuits


• Dars was also given to the women



Qadir Dino goth, Shikarpur :

31 families were given Rations
 Qadir Dino

Arain , Shikarpur

50 Tarpals and
2 Large rolls of Plastic Sheets

were distributed among 100 people to protect their homes and belongings


Arain , Shikarpur

 60 Rations were distributed

 in Arain village when lives were disrupted by constant rain,  roofs and houses collapsing and people were not able to go out and earn a living.

 Arain - Shikarpur

Arain, Shikarpur


















Abra village


Date: 27-8-22 Affectees were housed in Awtaq and a big house

 60 People were Served Cooked Food


 10 ration bags given
44 people were served cooked food
• 5 food packets were given to people living in straw tents on the roadside

 Abra village




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