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The Social Welfare Department at Al-Huda, Islamabad has initiated the Umrah services with the aim to provide step by step guidance to people in performing Umrah according to the sunnah of prophet Muhammad (SAW). Al-Huda started its Umrah service in June 2008 with a group of 40 people. The second Umrah Group comprising of 45 people performed Umrah in March-April 2009. 
The package includes ticket, visa, transportation and a total of 12 nights stay at Makkah and Madina. The service provides an opportunity for two Umrahs; one on landing day and second on return from Madina. Training and guidance is provided at each step before and during the trip. Special training sessions before departure are arranged to explain the geography and the history of Makkah and Madina.  Travellers’ guide, healthcare guidance and manasik of umrah are explained keeping in view the spiritual aspects of the whole journey. Education sessions are arranged after Isha prayers in Haram-e-Makkah and a session of Seerah lectures in Madina.
The service also offers three complementary meals on arrival at Makkah, during journey to Madina and on departure day from Makkah. Besides, a fruit basket and breakfast assortments are also provided in the room on arrival day at Makkah. Umrah bags containing basic accessories like tasbeeh, dua book, water bottle, prayer mat, shoe pouch, tawaf counter and a scarf for ladies are also presented to each member.


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Here are some pictures taken by the group members:



With Allah’s blessings and taufeeq, second Umrah Group was ready for departure on Tuesday, 31st March by Saudi Airline from Islamabad Airport at 6 pm PST. The group was seen off by well wishers and supporters from Al-Huda. The Umrah team inchrage had gone in advanced party earlier on, in order to ensure that all arrangements were according to plan and for the reception of the main group. 

45 people performed the Umrah under this group. The stay was made as comfortable as possible by arranging a VIP floor in Pakistan House in Makkah. Transport was also arranged by the Travel Agent for round trip to Jeddah Airport, Ziaraat in Makkah and Medina, travelling to and from Makkah to Medina.

Al-Huda carried out training sessions especially for the Umrah group at Al-Huda premises before going for Umrah. An exclusive session for ladies was conducted on Saturday, 21st March at Al Huda, Islamabad which was followed by another training session on Sunday, 22nd March for both ladies and gents which was well attended. Different speakers educated the audience regarding the historical aspects of the Holy places, the essence of performing Umrah and reflections on the Love of Creator. The training session was followed by tea which gave the participants a chance to get to know one another and chat informally enjoying the pleasant breeze in the open courtyard.

Participants were overjoyed to see the fully equipped Umrah bags with all the necessary items including dua books. Staff of Al-Huda had not only carefully arranged the Umrah bags, but had also arranged for special gift bags which were given to each participant on his/her return home. This trip had pleasant surprises all along.

On arriving at Jeddah, the group was received by Al-Huda advance party. They were taken to Makkah in pre arranged transportation and were served hot food in the bus. On arriving at the hotel, they were happy to see their name tags on their allocated rooms and assorted baskets to greet them inside their rooms.

The Al-Huda team had arranged for motivational display material which was displayed each day on the floor of the team. The contents of the board revolved around a ‘Theme of the Day’ which helped remember, internalise and practice key aspects essential in Umrah. This was highly appreciated by the Umrah members who felt a spiritual uplift every time they went around the corner of their floor. Even in the lift, there was iman-raising material which helped make every moment worthwhile of the holy journey.  Through Al-Huda Service Library, members could benefit from reading material pertaining to different aspects of Islam.

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