Slum Areas Program



This program caters to the special conditions and situations of the residents of slum areas. Under this program, weekly Quran classes are arranged and Dora-e-Quran in Ramadan is carried out. Children are taught Tajweed, Nazra and Namaz as well as Urdu and Mathematics. In Ramadan, free ration is distributed. Flour and sugar are distributed on and off. Aid is provided under self support program and marriages of needy girls are arranged. 

o   Al-Huda institute, Karachi is carrying out social welfare work in 17 slum areas where a total of 200 women and 600 children are being educated.

o   Al-Huda institute, Islamabad is educating children of two slum areas situated at Misrial Road Rawalpindi and Naswar Chowk, F-11, Islamabad.



A welfare center has been established in katchi basti, Miskeenabad. Click here for Slum Areas Program 2011.
















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