Rural areas Program

This is a program which aims to provide basic Islamic education and training to girls/women of rural areas according to their intellectual capabilities and specific needs. Such programs are being carried out at various locations all over Pakistan.


Some of the highlights are:

  • In Murree, about 1000 children are taught Nazra by 43 teachers.
  • Al-Huda Karachi branch has worked tirelessly in 13 rural areas namely Thana Bhola Khan, Keti Bander, Gujju, Moro, Shah Murad, Sajawal, Ghora Bari, Badeen, Sakkar, Thar, Chor Jamali, Kadhan and Gharo.
    • 200 women are taught Tajweed, Namaz, Taharat and duas.
    • In Ramadan Fahm-Al-Quran classes are also conducted.
    • Saut-Al-Quran course is being conducted at 4 places, while 60 people are enrolled in correspondence course.
    • 300 children are taught Tajweed, Namaz and duas. They are also taught Urdu.
    • Medical aid is given to patients and some are brought to Karachi for treatment in hospitals.
    • Al-Huda bears the expense of fee as well as salaries for teachers.
    • Fahm-Al-Quran (Sindhi) cassettes, assorted lectures and dua cards are distributed free of cost.