Prayer According To Sunnah 2017

Al-Huda Podcasts

01-Salah: Obligation, Eminence and Importance - Negligence in the Matter of Salah is Kufr (Infidelity) pg 27-3400:28:27 Listen
02-Salah: Eminance of Salat pg 34-4600:26:45 Listen
03-Dress of the Worshipper pg 112-12300:53:59 Listen
04-Injunctions Relating to Mosques: Excellence of Mosques - Prohibition of Eating Onions or Garlic Before Coming to the Mosque pg 125-13700:38:27 Listen
05-Injunctions Relating to Mosques: Sleeping in the Mosque - All the Earth is a Place for Performing Salah pg 137-14800:29:59 Listen
06-Timings of Prayers: Superiority of Offering Salah at the Prescribed Hour - Timing of Zuhr in Scorching Heat pg 149-15500:24:53 Listen
07-Timings of Prayers: Timing of 'Asr Prayer - Lapsed Prayers pg 156-16400:35:20 Listen
08-Adhan and Iqamah: The Excellence of the Adhan and the Mu'adhin - What to Say on Hearing the Adhan pg 165-17800:30:49 Listen
09-Adhan and Iqamah: Two Adhans For the Salah of Fajr - If the Meal Has Been Served pg 178-18800:37:02 Listen
10-Congregational Salat: Its Excellence and Obligation - Permission For Women to Go to the Mosques pg 189-19800:32:58 Listen
11-Congregational Salat: Details of Congregational Salat - Commanding the Imam to Be Considerate of the People pg 198-21100:36:07 Listen
12-Congregational Salat: A Slave Can Lead the Salah - Leading the Salah By an Unwanted Person pg 211-22200:33:59 Listen
13-The Qiblah: Qiblah - Prohibition of Performing Salah While Facing a Grave pg 223-23000:37:31 Listen
14-The Sutrah - Khushu' in Salah pg 231-24300:36:09 Listen
15-Khushu' in Salah pg 243-24800:35:47 Listen
16-Regarding The Prophet's (s.a.w) Guidance in Prayer - Placing the Right Hand on the Left pg 249-26000:38:57 Listen
17-Regarding The Prophet's (s.a.w) Guidance in Prayer: Rules of Recitation - Response to Various Verses (Activity) pg 272-28800:20:07 Listen
18-Regarding The Prophet's (s.a.w) Guidance in Prayer: Saying Takbir on Bowing - What to Invoke in Bowing pg 288-30100:33:32 Listen
19-Regarding The Prophet's (s.a.w) Guidance in Prayer: Reciting Qur'an in Bowing - Prostration pg 301-30500:29:09 Listen
20-Regarding The Prophet's (s.a.w) Guidance in Prayer: Description of the Prostration - Sitting Straight, Then Getting Up pg 306-31601:04:35 Listen
21-Regarding The Prophet's (s.a.w) Guidance in Prayer: The Tashahhud - Raising of Finger pg 316-32100:36:32 Listen
22-Regarding The Prophet's (s.a.w) Guidance in Prayer: Raising Hands in the Third Rak'ah - Turning Around After the Salah pg 321-33100:39:30 Listen
23-Regarding The Prophet's (s.a.w) Guidance in Prayer: Review00:37:21 Listen
24-Adhkar After Taslim: What to Say After Completing the Salah - Joint Supplications After Compulsory Prayer pg 334-34100:34:27 Listen
25-Sujud As-Sahw pg 344-34600:24:22 Listen
26-Prostration During the Recitation of The Qur'an - Voluntary Prayers: The Excellence of Voluntary Salah - Voluntary Prayers of the Isha Prayer pg 347-37000:38:13 Listen
27-The Abridged Prayer (Prayer During A Journey) - Duration of the Travel pg 413-42000:29:14 Listen
28-The Abridged Prayer (Prayer During A Journey): Combining Two Prayers in the Journey - Voluntary Salah While Riding, The Witr Prayer - The Night Prayer pg 420-424, 371-38601:04:30 Listen
29-The Night Prayer: What to Recite on Walking From Sleep - The Excellence of Voluntary Salah During Lailat-ul-Qadr (The Night of Decree) pg 386-40800:23:28 Listen
30-Duha Prayer, Jumu'ah Prayer: Excellence of Friday - Sitting Posture During the Khutbah pg 409-411, 425-45101:07:28 Listen
31-Eid Festivals, Salat-ul-Istikharah pg 453-466, 485-48700:33:14 Listen
32-Istisqa Prayer, The Funeral Prayer: Excellence of Participating in the Funeral Prayer - Putting the Dead in the Grave Legs-First pg 467-479, 491-50801:07:27 Listen
33-The Funeral Prayer: Invocation to Say While Placing the Dead in the Grave - Debt of the Deceased pg 508-53100:52:16 Listen
34-Review00:39:00 Listen

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