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مسلمانوں کا سپین

مسلمانوں کا سپین - اوّل 00:27:08 Listen
مسلمانوں کا سپین - دوم 00:33:21 Listen
مسلمانوں کا سپین - سوم 00:29:20 Listen

Roman English

Musalman Sciencedan

Musalman Sciencedan - Awwal00:31:28 Listen
Musalman Sciencedan - Dom00:30:35 Listen

Musalmanon Ka Spain

Musalmanon Ka Spain - Awwal00:27:08 Listen
Musalmanon Ka Spain - Dom00:33:21 Listen
Musalmanon Ka Spain - Som00:29:20 Listen

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