Flood 2012


Flood 2012


  Flood Relief Message From CEO

Monday, September 10, 2012: At least 78 people have died in floods in Pakistan in the last three days according to an official report.

The heavy monsoon rain - which began last week - has destroyed more than 1,600 houses while damaging a further 5,000, according to the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA).

At this time of need, we request everyone to make a generous contribution, with Zakaat / Sadaqah. May Allah reward every one for their efforts (Ameen).  To facilitate the people in crisis Alhuda International is directly involved in collecting funds and using it to buy basic  necessities required.

Following are the bank details, specifically set up to collect donations for the flood effected areas:

Islamabad Bank Account:

A/C Title: AL Huda International Welfare Foundation
A/C #: 0162922001 (Rupee)
Branch Code: 040, Swift Code: DUIBPKKA
Dubai Islamic Bank Pakistan Ltd.
I-8 Markaz, Islamabad, Pakistan.


Karachi Bank Account:

A/C # 20311- 714- 394963
Branch Code: 001
Swift Code: MPBLPKKA 001



For acknowledgement purposes, we hereby request each donor, to please inform us on [email protected]


2-City/ country of residence


4-Date of deposit

5-Specify Zakat or Sadqah

Jazak Allah Khair

Social Welfare Department

Relief Work Incharge
Yasmin Khakwani
Email: [email protected]
Contact: +92 51-4866125-9



Report of Distribution 1

Report of Al-Huda Flood Relief Distribution No.1

Date: 16.9.12 - 18.9.12
Team: 4 male members
Area: District Jacobabad

 (1) Ghari Hasan - 100 families-stationed in camps
 (2) Mirpur Borio - 25 families on road side
 (3) Karim Bukhsh - 25 families on road side
 (4) Jannatapur - 50 families on road side

According to the civil administration, 80 percent of the population of Jacobabad has been adversely affected by the floods. The team of Al-Huda left Karachi on 16th Sep. around 7pm. and reached Degree College, Tehsil Thul on 17th Sep. around 2:30 pm.(They were told by the locals that they must be out of Shikarpur before 5pm. as it is a dangerous place where looting by dacoits is common). The roads were greatly damaged.  Humayun Sharif was in almost 5 ft water.  The team had to park the van near Thul and go on a donkey cart for another 1/2 km because of the standing water.

There were about 2,500 to 3,000 people residing in temporary camps set up by the Army. Since this was the team’s first trip and the state of the route was uncertain, therefore the relief goods could only be taken in a limited amount.

A queue system was adopted for distribution. Alhamdulillah, distribution of goods was peaceful with the help of the army.

Items Distributed:
 200 families were given a set of following items:

(1) 4 Mineral water 1.5 litre
(2) Milk 2 packs of 1/2 litre each
(3) Dates 1/2 kg
(4) Channa 1/2 kg
(5) Biscuits – one box of 24 Tikki packs
(6) One Tent 15/15 in size
(7) One Chatai 12/15 in size

Karachi to Sukkhar: 550 km
Sukkhar to Jacobabad: 200 km


May Allah accept. Ameen


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P9160133 P9170138

Report of Distribution 2

Report of Al-Huda Flood Relief Distribution No.2

Date: 11.10.12 - 13.10.12
Team: 6 male members
Area: District Jacobabad

 (1) Jacobabad - 175 families - stationed on roadside camps
 (2) Tehsil Thul - 25 families - on road side camps
 (3) Govt. Boys School at Jacobabad - 50 families - females residing in the school and males on       the roadside camps
 (4) Village Ahmed Baksh District Shikarpur Sindh - 50 families on the roadside camps.

Al-Huda International’s relief team left Karachi on 11th October 2012 12:50 at night. The journey took long as road was damaged from Shikarpur to Jacobabad and the team encountered a heavy traffic jam. They reached the Jacobabad bypass at 6:30 pm. Due to security reasons, the police constantly accompanied the team. Rashan was distributed on the basis of  tokens which the team had already distributed amongst the people. Approximately 1000 people are affected by the flood in this area. According to our team, people are still in a great need of help.

This was Al-Huda Flood Relief Team’s second trip. Rashan was distributed peacefully with the help of police. A queue system was adopted for distribution.

Items Distributed: 
300 families were given a set of following items. 

(1) 4 Mineral water bottles -1.5 litre each
(2) Rice -  2kg
(3) Sugar - 3kg
(4) Ghee - 2.5kg
(5) Chana daal - 2kg
(6) Salt -1 packet
(7) Red chilli - 20g
(8) Tea - 400g

Karachi to Sukkhar 550 km
Sukkhar to Jacobabab 200 km 

May Allah accept. Ameen

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