Qur'an for the Visually Impaired

What is Daisy

DAISY is an acronym for Digital Accessible Information System. It is a media format which combines Audio and Text to present a Talking Book. Daisy books are superior to normal Audio Books because normal talking books are read out linearly where as Daisy Books allows the listener to move through the book and to listen from specific points within the book quickly and easily. It was especially developed for blind users but sighted users can also benefit from it.

What is Daisy Fehm Al Quran

Daisy Fehm Al Quran is the “Talking Book” version of Fahm Al Quran. The audio lectures of Fahm Al Quran by Dr. Farhat Hashmi have been converted into Daisy Books  to allow visually impaired as well as sighted users to be able to listen to the Tafseer of the Quran and navigate easily through the Tafseer.

To listen to the Daisy Fehm Al -Quran, first download the Daisy Player and for instructions and further details download the User Manual 

Daisy Urdu Taleem Al-Quran(2007) By Dr.Farhat Hashmi


Daisy Urdu Fahm Al-Quran By Dr.Farhat Hashmi


Daisy English Fahm Al-Quran By Hijab Iqbal (A Student of Dr.Farhat Hashmi)


News & Updates

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