Provision of Water

Boi Sand Water Filters Project for Sindh (Thar Community) 2015

Bio Sand Filters


Clean drinking water is a basic need for all. The farahmi-e-aab project was started by Al-Huda International in the year 2000 to provide water facilities to the needy. Initially the work started in Karachi Katchi bastis by digging wells and hand pumps. Later in 2004, the project expanded to interior Sindh and Baluchistan.


Mode of Supplying Water:-

Provision of wells, hand pumps, borings, coolers (electric /plastic) water pipe lines and tap- water storage tanks and containers.


Following are the estimated costs of the services provided under Farhami-e-aab:

1) Wells (Rs.80, 000 to 200,000)*

2)  Boring/motor (Approx. Rs.50, 000)*

3) Hand pumps (Rs.8, 000 to 16,000)*

4) Taps, coolers, pipeline (as per actual)*

*The rates of each facility depends on the condition of the soil sample (whether it is mountainous, stony, sandy etc?)  and is inclusive of labor and raw material (current market rates).


Details of regions in Sindh, interior Sindh, Baluchistan and KPK where Al-Huda has provided farahmi-e-aab services are as follows:


2004 - 2008

2008 -  2009

2009-  2010

2010 - 2011








Hand Pumps











Interior Sindh:-

Thar,Thanabulakhan,Sujawal,Chohar-Jamali, Deeplo, Kaitibandar, Matli, Pirphut, Gharo, Nakarji Farm, Thatta, Jati, TandoMuhammadKhan, Masharjabal, HajiJokhiro, Lait, ShahBundar, Amsnau, JamShoro, Hathiari. Kaitibandar, Thatta, Tando MuhammadKhan, LaitShahBundar, ChoharJamali, Thanda, Jati,   HajiMallah, Amarnau, MasharJabal, Matli, Jamshoro, Thar, Deeplo, Karash and Loreko.



Sujawal, Hawai Addo, Sanghar, Chanthio, Kacho. Thar, Deeplo(Various Villages)Dago-for cattle, Mako goth.


Lasbela and Metry, Lasbela-Shikhyani village


In Khyber Pakhtoonkahwah , Naushera Nave Khano khail, Bahrm Khan Khail, Taragi Khail, Dghi khail, Baghban   Gaghi Khail  Ashoorabadand, Aman gharh ashoorabad, Pirpia sadri Khail, pirpiaqamar khail, pipir

Work in Progress:

Work is underway in in KPK Mansehra Village Gharwall and Batgram

Process for Application:-

  1. Written application signed by the applicant(s),along with a copy of his/their NIC(s) and pictures of the area where the facility is required.
  2. Survey of the area by an Al-Huda representative.
  3. The surveyor submits a survey application and a feasibility report, based on which a team at RO approves the application.
  4. Cost of construction (estimated).



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