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Information of All Courses 2017 at International Welafare Islamabad 

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All Courses Information 2018-1 


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Tadabbur Al Quran- may2018

Taleem al Tajweed 2018

Taleem al Quran Islamabad- 2018

Taleem al Quran Islamabad 2018back





Tadabbur Al Quran- Jan2018

Taleem al  Islamabad2018




Tadabbur Al - Jan2018 copy

Taleem al  weekly 2018 pink

 Urdu 2018 Islamabad


FQ certificate course copy

Taleem-al-Tajwid-Weekly 2018 Islamabad




Tariq Road  | North Nazimabad | DHA Institute | Khawateen Club |Gulistan-e-Johar 

Towards the Light copy

Reality Touch2018- with admission date


 TQ DHA-2018

Tadabbur Al Quran- July2018 DHA

Taleem al Tajweed 2018 DHA

TQ2018 DHA

TQ2018 Eng DHA

Sawt al Quran 2018 DHA


Hajj 2018 Front copy

Hajj 2018 Back copy


TD-Tariq rd-Khi-2018

TD-Tariq rd-Khi-2018 Back

TQ- NN 2018 Front

TQ- NN 2018-Back

TQ Khawateen Club -Front           2018-19

TQ Khawateen Club --Back           2018-19

TD-Gulistan e Jouhar 2018 copy

TD-Gulistan e Jouhar 2018 -           Backside copy

Taleem e Deen Certificate Course- gulshan