Hospital Program/Patient Support

Al-Huda helps patients and their families cope with their emotional, spiritual and social needs by visiting them at the hospitals and helping to strengthen their connection with Allah. Volunteers of Al-Huda not only provide them with dua cards and cassettes but also teach them about cleanliness (taharah) and way of performing proper ablution and namaz. Sahoor and iftar in Ramadan is provided and gifts are given on Eid to the patients. Following are the details: 

HC- IBG Trip-01
HC- IBG Trip-02
Al-Huda Islamabad, Hadith course students, ready to go for Hospital Visit
HC- IBG Trip-03
Cantonment Board Hospital , Rawalpindi
HC- IBG Trip-04
Al-Huda students are welcomed by the Head Nurse of the Hospital  
HC- IBG Trip-05

Students are presenting the gift packs & Dua's hand made Cards to

the patients in General Ward

HC- IBG Trip-06

"Taleem" and  "khid'mat" sath sath..

Some students combed patient's hair while others talked to them about building

 a strong bond with the Creator 

HC- IBG Trip-07
Tass'alli  and Dua are,  like medecine for the patient
HC- IBG Trip-08
Hadith course students attending the patients,in gy'ne ward 
HC- IBG Trip-09
 Student helping the mother for handling newly born baby   
HC- IBG Trip-10
Students are presenting & telling about the benefits of 
 dates & milk to the mother of a newly born baby 
HC- IBG Trip-11
 Nurse staff also showed the intrest to learn, student explaining  From
" Iyyaka Nasta,een"  book 
HC- IBG Trip-12
Attendents are asking....about Duas & Zikr , which 
    they can read in pain & unrest condition 
Patient is listening Duas from the student , book Iyya'ka Nasta'een 
HC- IBG Trip-14
Students presenting the gift packs with the wish of helthy life 
in children ward , and telling him, about summer course in AIS 
HC- IBG Trip-15
Patients sitting in long què are quite happly busy in listening 
Ahadith & and Duas about the Ajr of sickness in ultrasound ward 
HC- IBG Trip-16
Patients out side the Eye OPD listening the Ajr of Eyes pain 
Described In Aha'dith  
HC- IBG Trip-17
Hadith course Force leaving  back to Alhuda with many 
hearties Duas for the Patients, and hope for the Ajr of Aya'dat
HC- IBG Trip-18
  • On 15th June, 2009, a group of students and volunteers visited the Holy Family Hospital, Rawalpindi. Upon visiting the children’s ward, they distributed Shifa cards, cassettes and encouraged little children and their parents.  Details available Here
  • A team from Al-Huda Islamabad branch visits Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) hospital twice a week for moral uplift of children suffering from Thalasemia. The patients suffering from this lifelong disease are encouraged to connect with Allah.
  • Apart from this, cassettes are sent to Sargodha Center for Blinds.
  • In Karachi, 5 hospitals namely Ojha, Civil, Jinah, Alhamra and Fatmeed are visited. Teams from Al-Huda visit cancer, gynecology, chest, ENT, pediatrics, suicide, general and T.B. wards in these hospitals. They distribute milk, biscuits and fruits among patients. Dua cards are also distributed and patients are taught about namaz and cleanliness (taharat). In the month of Ramadan sehri and iftari is provided and gifts are distributed on Eid. Apart from, this medicines and injections are also provided when needed.
  • In the recent years, 300 drug addicts treated at New Horizon in Karachi were provided with ration by Al-Huda.