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Ramadan Program

Qasas Al Quran 23 

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Ramadan Ration Program

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Contribution may be made in a variety of ways!
Deliver cash/cheque at below mentioned official addresses
    Head Office
     7- A.K.Brohi Road, H-11/4, Islamabad
     Tel: +92-51-4866125-9
     59-E Khayaban-e-Sahar, Phase VI, DHA Karachi
      Tel: +92-21-35171136-38
    House No. 9-P, Gulberge-II, Lahore
    Tel: +92-42-35778800
     House No. 14 E-1, Officers Colony, Multan
     Tel: +92-61-6212311
     House No. 85, Street No. 2, Sector K-3, Phase-3, Hayatabad, Peshawar
     Tel: +92-91-5830398


Deposit/Transfer directly in Bank Account

    A/C Title:  Alhuda International Welfare Foundation

    A/C No.: 200126818

    Type: PKR Branch

    Code: 1739

    Swift Code: UNILPKKA

   IBAN No.: PK65UNIL0109000200126818 Bank: United Bank Ltd 




Ramadan Ration Reports 



 شھرُ رمضان - رمضان کا مہینہ اور کرنے کے کام Islamabad 2014

رمضان المبارک
  رمضان - شہر التقوی 23-05-2016 Rawalpindi  MP3  Download 
Listen رمضان آ گیا - حصّہ اول 00:31:31 MP3 Download
Listen رمضان آ گیا - حصہ دوم 00:30:05 MP3 Download
Listen مرحبا رمضان 01:16:16 MP3 Download
Listen رمضان معزز مہمان - حصّہ اول 00:42:16 MP3 Download
Listen رمضان معزز مہمان - حصہ دوم 00:41:00 MP3 Download
 Listen Ready, Set, Go For Ramadan by Taimiyyah Zubair 01:20:56 MP3   Download
Listen خوش آمدید رمضان (رمضان مبارک میں کرنے کے کام) - حصّہ اول 00:45:44 MP3 Download
Listen خوش آمدید رمضان (رمضان مبارک میں کرنے کے کام) - حصہ دوم 00:45:49 MP3 Download
Listen رمضان مبارک - حصّہ اول 00:55:21 MP3 Download
Listen رمضان مبارک - حصہ دوم 00:58:28 MP3 Download
Listen استقبال رمضان 01:08:06 MP3 Download
Listen رمضان - تجدید ایمان کا موقع - حصّہ اول 00:40:12 MP3 Download
Listen رمضان - تجدید ایمان کا موقع - حصہ دوم 00:40:20 MP3 Download
Listen شہر رمضان - حصّہ اول 01:14:23 MP3 Download
Listen شہر رمضان - حصہ دوم 00:53:51 MP3 Download
Listen رمضان میرے رب کے لیے 00:34:05 MP3 Download
Listen شہر رمضان - تدریس کتاب 01:16:51 MP3 Download
Listen رمضان تبدیلی کا مہینہ - حصّہ اول 00:41:35 MP3 Download
Listen رمضان تبدیلی کا مہینہ - حصہ دوم 00:45:49 MP3 Download
Listen رمضان اور تقوی 00:07:47 MP3 Download
Listen روزے کا مقصد - تقوی کا حصول 00:48:37 MP3 Download
Listen باجماعت نماز 00:15:03 MP3 Download
Listen خواتین کی باجماعت نماز 00:23:38 MP3 Download
Listen رمضان کیسے گزاریں؟ 01:38:41 MP3 Download
Listen رمضان سے شوال تک 01:24:27 MP3 Download
Listen رمضان - نیکیوں کا موسم بہار 00:55:12 MP3 Download
Listen رمضان - ذاتی اور دعوتی لاءحہ عمل 00:35:01 MP3 Download
Listen رمضان کے بعد - ایک جائزہ 01:06:22 MP3 Download
Listen رمضان کی آخری طاق رات 01:07:13 MP3 Download
Listen رمضان کی تیاری 01:03:59 MP3 Download
Listen رمضان میں کرنے کے کام 01:04:26 MP3 Download
Listen رمضان ٹائم ٹیبل 00:57:22 MP3 Download
Listen روزے کے احکام 01:01:32 MP3 Download
Listen روزے کی اہمیت 00:18:36 MP3 Download
Listen تکمیل دورۂ قرآن 01:12:20 MP3 Download
Listen رمضان اور عمرے کے بعد 00:03:02 MP3 Download
Listen آپ کا رمضان کیسا گزرا؟ 00:39:09 MP3 Download
Listen رمضان کی آمد 00:12:28 MP3 Download
Listen روزہ کون رکھے؟ 00:12:59 MP3 Download
Listen روزہ کیا ہے؟ 00:10:59 MP3 Download
Listen روزہ کس لئے؟ 00:17:20 MP3 Download
Listen روزہ کس کے لئے؟ 00:11:25 MP3 Download
Listen روزہ اور سحری 00:13:20 MP3 Download
Listen روزہ اور افطاری 00:16:47 MP3 Download
Listen رمضان اور قرآن 00:21:03 MP3 Download
Listen روزہ اور نماز 00:15:51 MP3 Download
Listen روزے کو نقصان پہنچانے والے امور 00:13:46 MP3 Download
Listen نیکیوں کا موسم بہار 00:14:06 MP3 Download
Listen توبہ اور استغفار 00:17:43 MP3 Download
Listen روزہ ڈھال ہے 00:08:46 MP3 Download
Listen جنت کے دروازے کھلتے ہیں 00:22:23 MP3 Download
Listen روزے سے رخصت کس کے لئے؟ 00:11:59 MP3 Download
Listen تم مجھے یاد رکھو میں تمہیں یاد رکھوں گا 00:22:07 MP3 Download
Listen صدقہ دینے سے مال کم نہیں ہوتا 00:21:37 MP3 Download
Listen روزہ اور تزکیہ نفس 00:16:20 MP3 Download
Listen اعتکاف 00:18:58 MP3 Download
Listen ہزار مہینوں سے بہتر رات 00:14:46 MP3 Download
Listen ہمدردی کا مہینہ 00:11:14 MP3 Download
Listen رزق حلال با برکت ہے 00:16:36 MP3 Download
Listen رمضان اور زکوٰۃ 00:15:02 MP3 Download
Listen روزہ اور دعا 00:16:23 MP3 Download
Listen جمعۃ الوداع 00:16:21 MP3 Download
Listen روزہ اور صبر 00:13:41 MP3 Download
Listen روزہ اور شکر 00:13:43 MP3 Download
Listen روزہ اور امانت 00:12:06 MP3 Download
Listen عید کیسے منائیں؟ 00:10:59 MP3 Download
Listen رمضان کے بعد 00:11:25 MP3 Download
Listen رمضان اور حقوق اللہ 00:25:56 MP3 Download
Listen رمضان اور حقوق العباد 00:19:56 MP3 Download
Listen تزکیہ - کامیابی کی راہ 00:25:05 MP3 Download
Listen اخلاص- حسن نیت 00:19:59 MP3 Download
Listen زبان کی حفاظت 00:21:25 MP3 Download
Listen شکر- خوشی کا راز 00:24:24 MP3 Download
Listen السلام علیکم 00:22:07 MP3 Download
Listen توبہ او راستغفار 00:20:59 MP3 Download
Listen ذکر الٰہی 00:20:38 MP3 Download
Listen جھوٹ 00:23:34 MP3 Download
Listen تکبر 00:21:28 MP3 Download
Listen مذاق اڑانا 00:19:39 MP3 Download
Listen غصّہ 00:21:36 MP3 Download
Listen عفو و درگذر 00:22:01 MP3 Download
Listen غیبت 00:22:07 MP3 Download
Listen حسد 00:21:29 MP3 Download
Listen والدین کے حقوق 00:21:47 MP3 Download
Listen شوہر اور بیوی کے باہمی تعلقات اور حقوق وفرائض 00:20:26 MP3 Download
Listen تربیت اولاد 00:19:41 MP3 Download
Listen صلۂ رحمی 00:23:40 MP3 Download
Listen ہمسائیوں کے حقوق 00:22:34 MP3 Download
Listen علم کی فضیلت 00:22:44 MP3 Download
Listen صبر و برداشت 00:22:59 MP3 Download
Listen غم سے نجات کیسے؟ 00:24:53 MP3 Download
Listen خیانت اور چوری 00:21:26 MP3 Download
Listen قیامت کی نشانیاں 00:21:51 MP3 Download
Listen شرم و حیا 00:19:42 MP3 Download
Listen صدقہ و خیرات 00:23:19 MP3 Download
Listen بیمار کی عیادت 00:24:08 MP3 Download
Listen قرآن مجید اور ہم 00:22:14 MP3 Download
Listen رمضان - تقوی کےحصول کے لئے Open 01:10:57 MP3  Download 
Listen Making the Most of Ramadan Open 01:28:40 MP3  Download 
Listen رمضان کا چاند Open 00:10:08 MP3  Download 


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Do's & Don'ts

Do's & Don'ts Of Fasting

• It is important to make the intention of obligatory (fard) fast before Fajr time.( AbuDawood)

• Eating before fajr (Taking Suhur ) is a recommended sunnah

“The Prophet said, "Take Suhur, as there is a blessing in it." (Bukhari)    

“If the Fajr Adhaan starts while you are eating sehri, instead of leaving what you were eating, you should quickly eat it.( Abu Dawood)

Fasting person should not misbehave or fight

“Allah's Apostle said, “Fasting is a shield (or a screen or a shelter). So, the person observing fast should avoid sexual relations with his wife and should not behave foolishly and impudently, and if somebody fights with him or abuses him, he should tell him twice, 'I am fasting." (Bukhari)


Fasting person should not lie or commit evil deeds

“The Prophet said, "Whoever does not give up forged speech and evil actions, Allah is not in need of his leaving his food and drink (i.e. Allah will not accept his fasting.)" (Bukhari)

“Backbiting, lying, fighting, abusing, profanities and arguing corrupts the fast.(Bukhari)

Cracking dirty jokes, obscene vulgar actions, immoral behaviour and conversations on vulgar topics are all forbidden in the state of fasting. (Ibn Khuzaima) (such things are forbidden even under normal conditions but such deeds while fasting corrupts the fast.)


Things that do and do not break the fast

“Due to extreme heat, the fasting person is allowed to take a shower and rinse his mouth with water. This does not break the fast.(Abu Dawood)

“Eating out of forgetfulness does not break the fast. But as soon as a the person
realizes that he/she was fasting, then the food in the mouth should be
immediately spitted out. (Bukhari)

“There is no harm in swallowing the saliva while fasting." (Bukhari)

“Applying kohl in the eyes does not break the fast." (Bukhari)

“If the need arises, the food can be tasted (for salt etc), but it should be tasted by placing

it at the edge of the tongue. But utmost care should be taken that it should not
reach the throat."( Bukhari)

• The blood that comes out of the teeth does not harm the fast however the blood should not be swallowed.

• A fasting person is allowed to smell and wear fragrance.

“Vomiting unintentionally does not break the fast, however if someone vomits deliberately then this breaks the fast." ( Abu Dawood)

“Letting blood by means of leeches etc (for treatment purposes) during fasting is allowed."(Sahih Bukhari)

If nose drops are used while fasting and if they reach the throat or the stomach, then the fast is broken." (Bukhari)

An injection that does not nourish and its purpose is not to provide energy or nourishment but it is only used as a medicine, then such an injection is allowed while fasting. However if the injection is the type that provides nourishment to sustain the body without food and drink then such an injection breaks the fast.

“While fasting it is not allowed to sniff the water too high in the nose that there may be danger that the water might reach the throat."(Tirmizi)


• A person who intentionally eats or drinks something while fasting, then he should sincerely repent and make up for the fast.

• While fasting in Ramadan, if a husband forcefully has intercourse with his wife then this would not break the fast of the wife and she does not have to make up for it. However the husband is guilty of sin and he has to repent and make up for the fast by freeing a slave and if that is not possible then he has to fast continuously for two months and if that too is not possible then he has to feed sixty needy people. (Agreed upon)

A lustful thought which leads to ejaculation of semen (mani) does not break the fast." (Bukhari)

However ejaculation of semen due to any other intentional activity or intimacy or due to watching immodest things breaks the fast.

“ Wet dreams, while sleeping does not invalidate the fast as this happens unintentionally."(Bukhari)

“Discharge of Mathi - prostatic fluid while fasting does not break the fast.( Bukhari)

[Mathi is the fluid discharged due to lustful arousal before semen is ejaculated] Masnoon and Recommended Acts while fasting

• Eating Iftar ( eating at maghrib time to break fast) should not be delayed and should be eaten as soon as the sun sets (Maghrib time) which is a sunnah of our Prophet.(Agreed Upon)
• The one who offers and provides iftari to a fasting person, gets the reward equivalent to a fast.

“Using siwaak while fasting is proven from the sunnah." ( Sahih Bukhari)

• It is a sunnah to recite the and to revise it in Ramadan. ( Agreed Upon

• Giving charity generously in the month of Ramadan is the sunnah of our Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alayhe Wasallam.(Agreed Upon)

• Taraweeh is a nafil (voluntary) prayer which is also called Tahajjud or Qayam ul Lail.

• The masnoon rakaat of taraweeh is 8, however since it is a nafil prayer the number of rakaat can be increased or decreased.(Agreed Upon)

• In the last ten days of Ramadan, encouraging your family to perform worship is the sunnah of Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alayhe Wasallam.(Agreed Upon)

“A person who is unable to benefit from the most blessed night of the year lailatul Qadr is a loser."(Ibn Majah)

“ Lailatul Qadr should be searched in the last ten odd nights of Ramadan." (Bukhari)

• Sitting in seclusion- Itekaf in the Masjid during Ramadan is an obligatory sunnah which is obligatory on the Muslim community (Sunnat e Mokada Kafaya) and its duration is ten days. ( Agreed Upon)

“ Women should also sit in Itekaf." (Muslim)

• Missed fasts of Ramadan should be kept any time before the start of the next Ramadan.(Agreed Upon)

“ Keeping six fasts in Shawwal is highly recommended after Ramadan."(Muslim)


Those who are exempted from fasting

• A person, who due to extreme old age or an incurable disease is unable to fast, then he should feed one poor person in exchange for every day of missed fast.(Darqutni)

• A person who was ill and left fasting in Ramadan but then later regains health and does not make up for the missed fasts and dies, then his inheritors have to make up for his missed fasts.(Agreed upon)

• If it is difficult or dangerous for the health of the mother and child then pregnant and breast feeding women can leave the fasts, however they have to necessarily make up for the missed fasts later on.( Agreed upon)

• It is better for a traveller to leave the fast, however there is also no harm if the traveller fasts while on a journey because sometimes Prophet Sallallahu AlayheWasallam observed fasting while travelling and sometimes he would leave fasting while travelling. Both are acceptable.