Flood Relief 2011


Monsoon rains, that caused a flood havoc severely affected, Nawabshah, Sanghar , Umarkot and Tharparkar, Mirpurkhas and District Badin where recorded rains have been 501-1200 mm.

Moderate rains have been reported in these areas of Sindh; Sukkur, Khairpur, Dadu, Jamshoro, Thatta, Matyari, Hyderabad, Tando Mohammad Khan, Larkana,

N Feroz, with recorded rains of 100-500mm.

At this time of need, we request everyone to make a generous contribution, with Zakat / Sadqah. May Allah reward them for their efforts (Ameen). To facilitate the people in the above mentioned areas Alhuda International is directly involved in collecting funds and using it to buy basic necessities required. This time, with mashwara, it has been decided that no donations will be accepted in kind

For acknowledgement purposes, we hereby request each donor, to please inform us on [email protected], stating


2-City/ country of residence


4-Date of deposit

5-Specify Zakat or Sadqah

To provide a clear, transparent picture of how these funds would be utilized, we are including a list of things, which we are in the process of ordering, for the flood affected areas. Al Huda International acknowledges the efforts by Mr. Muhammad Siddique in providing subsidy rates by the following companies.

  • Family Straw Water Filters for converting contaminated into safe, clean drinking water, which were being sold by Searl at Rs.  2,700, have been negotiated at Rs. 1,500each.
  • High-Energy, High Protein Biscuits by Candiland / Bisconni (Ismail Industries Limited): These were especially formulated during the previous relief operations. Candiland / Bisconni (Ismail Industries Limited) have agreed to grant 50% subsidy.The cost will not exceed Rs. 1200 for a carton of 24 packs.
  • Reinforced Plastic Tarpauls: Size 18x20’ complete with eyelets and ropes, usually available at Rs. 2,700 have been contracted with Shamsi Pakistan at Rs.2,300 each.
  • Thermal Blankets: Courtesy, brother Ghulam A. quality priced at Rs. 300 each at 25% discount/subsidy now at Rs. 225 each only
  • Mosquito Coils: A carton of Jumbo Coils with 60 boxes of 5 double Coils is priced at Rs.1,500/- now at a subsidized price of Rs.1,250/carton.
  • Food Packs: With the following items, at a total of Rs.1,655each:




Al-Huda Flood Relief Ration Pack 2011 


10 Kg


3 Kg


2 Kg

Daal   Chana

1 Kg

Daal   Masor

1 Kg


½ Kg


1 Pack

Cooking   Oil

2 Pack   (900 grams

Mixed   Masala

250 gms

Dry   milk

500 gms

 Along with all the above mentioned items, we simultaneously arrange medical camps, hence the funds donated will also be used to purchase medicines. 
We will periodically keep updating our website (i.e.: & ) with the latest info, allowing you to have access to our current relief work.

Jazak Allah Khair

Social Welfare Department

Relief Incharge
Afshan Khalid
Contact Details: 0301-8250211 / 021-34528547
Al-Huda International Welfare Foundation


Goth Muhammad Nizamani, Goth Abdul Salam Janojo

Relief Distribution No. 7:
Location: Location: Goth Muhammad Nizamani, Goth Abdul Salam Janojo


Date & Time: From October 15, 2011, 6:00 PM to October 16, 2011, 4:00 PM


Distribution items: 432 Ration Bags (Containing, rice, sugar, tea, dry milk, oil, daal masoor, daal channa, mixed spices, salt), 432 flour bags of 10 kg each, 432 mosquito coils, 432 match boxes, 432 mosquito nets, 100 tents and 18 cartons of biscuits.

Travelling at night in Sindh areas is a security hazard. Al Huda ensures to take special precautions in providing safety and security of all volunteers. For this, distribution is planned such that the team stays over night rather returning in late night hours. Early evening on Saturday October 15, 2011, a team of 5 male volunteers set off from Karachi to district Sanghar for relief distribution in Goth Muhammad Nizamani and Goth Abdul Salam Janojo. The road to Sanghar is badly affected by the rains. Secondly, the road sides are occupied by the makeshift tents set up by the affectees, which narrows the roads. Loaded trucks on the other hand, easily get stuck in the muddy and broken roads, causing delays.
The team organized distributions in Goth Muhammad Nizamani, where 282 ration bags were distributed, and Goth Abdul Salam Janojo, where 150 ration bags were distributed. Each family was given one bag each, upon receipt of copies of CNICs. Hence an organized, system was followed allowing efficient and transparent distribution, with the army helping keep things in discipline.
The conditions of the villages were much depleted, with water still standing around. The team also gave out tents and biscuits to people sitting on the road sides. Shelter is a major concern as a lot of families were observed sleeping out in the open because their houses are still flooded with water.

Doctors Goth

Relief Distribution No. 6:
Location: Location: Doctors Goth (20-25 Km from Sangarh City)


Date & Time: From October 09, 2011, 7:00 am to October 10, 2011 at 11:30 pm


Distribution items: 296 Ration Bags (Containing, rice, sugar, tea, dry milk, oil, daal masoor, daal channa, mixed spices, salt), 600 flour bags of 10 kg each, 300 mosquito coils, 300 match boxes, 200 mosquito nets and 12 cartons of biscuits

On the October 09, 2011, a team of 7 members headed towards Doctor Goth, a village located approximately 20 to 25 km from Sanghar City. The team had planned to set up a medical camp and distribute ration in Doctor Goth and its surrounding areas, but due to the conditions of the roads, the team was delayed and arrived at their destination at 4:00 pm, and were only able to distribute 80 bags that day.
On October 10, 2011 early morning at 7:00 am the group set out to distribute the remaining ration amongst the residents of Doctor Goth and other nearby villages, while the doctors also set up a medical camp at each location.
To allow transparency, receiving is obtained upon distribution of ration; appointed volunteers had been told to pre-prepare a list of individuals (one per family) along with copies of their CNICs. 296 ration bags, along with a box of mosquito coil, match box and a mosquito net and a 10 kg bag of flour, were given to each individual. As biscuits and flour were in access, upon completion of distribution of the ration bags, these were also given out the families. Around 50% of the affected families were non Muslims and they were given the same respect as Muslims while distributing the Ration, extra care was given to the widows and orphans.
50 bags were given to a volunteer to take to Makhi Goth also known as Chak 83, which was inaccessible by the team on foot; the male doctor also accompanied the volunteer, with medicines for the residents of the respective village. Chak, 21, 22, 24 and 25 was also visited, by the volunteer, travelling via a boat, but as the water around it reached upto 4 to 5 feet, they were not able to provide them with any help.
A recent death had also occurred in the village, a dars was held there, and people were given lessons on ghusal-o-kafan, and educated them on proper procedures of tadfin.

Dey Dasti, Buda Dasli, Buda Khosa, Hasham Jut Villages

Relief Distribution No. 5:
Location: Dey Dasti, Buda Dasli, Buda Khosa, Hasham Jut Villages


Date & Time: October 05, 2011, 7: 30 am to October 6, 2011, 10:30 am

Distribution items: 300 Ration Bags (Containing, rice, sugar, tea, dry milk, oil, daal masoor, daal channa, mixed spices, salt), 600 flour bags of 10 kg each ,300 mosquito coils, 300 match boxes, 200 mosquito nets, 100 tarpal, and 100 water filters (demo given), biscuits 72 packs



On Wednesday, 5th of October, a ration distribution trip to villages 50 KM from Badin was planned. The entire journey from Karachi and back, took approximately 27 hours, as the team stayed at Sajawal overnight, for security reasons. Starting at 7:30 am, two loaded trucks with ration and other goods, accompanied by seven people went on the trip.
Upon reaching the town of Golar Chi (area before Badin), and before meeting the army escort, the convoy got stuck in a traffic jam. This provided an opportunity for a mob to surround the trucks, but since a team member was fluent in Sindhi, she was able to calm them down and disperse the crowd. The group was lucky, as incidents of riots, theft and harassment of relief workers has been reported periodically in these areas.
At Dey Dasti the team set up a distribution sight at approximately 5:30 pm, where people collected from various neighboring villages, which included Buda Dasti, Buda Khosa, Hasham Jut. Reaching Dey Dasti took so long because the route has no proper roads, and the mud roads were not being able to withstand the weight of the heavy loaded trucks, requiring the team to periodically stop and level the mud. The distribution was carried out till 8:30pm, using the light provided by the truck. Small dars was also given to the gathered crowd of men, women and children.
On the way back, the remaining 150 bags of flour were also distributed to camps set up alongside the roads.

Darya Khan Goth ,Yousuf Goth, Jan Muhammad Goth, Saleh Muhammad, Arib Mashhadi

Relief Distribution No. 4:

Location: Darya Khan Goth ,Yousuf Goth, Jan Muhammad Goth, Saleh Muhammad, Arib Mashhadi,(District Badin – 25km from Badin),

Date & Time: October 02, 2011 7: 00 am to 12:45 am (after mid night)

Distribution items: 300 Ration Bags (Containing, rice, sugar, tea, dry milk, oil, daal masoor, daal channa, mixed spices, salt),600 flour bags of 10 kg each ,300 mosquito coils, 300 match boxes, 200 mosquito nets.

On Sunday, 2nd October, a ration distribution trip to Badin was organized. The entire jorney from Karachi and back, took approximately 18 hours starting at 7:00 am. Two loaded trucks and seven people went on the trip.
The team reached Badin at 11.30am but after a delay of one and a half hour due to protest ,they reached Darya Khan Goth by 2:30 pm. It is 25 km from Badin .The journey between Badin and Daryah Khan was where the rain effects were prominent.
The Team was divided and two members went with army personnel’s to distribute tokens in the houses. To reach these houses they had to walk over planks and brick supports. As this was quite risky the people of the Goths were called and lined up Goth wise. 2 team members checked the Goth name and N I C no. of male member of the family before handing over the ration and other items. Any duplication was thus avoided. Hence, altogether 275 rations were distributed here and the remaining 25 were distributed along the road side on the way back.
A group of 50 women were also gathered for a dars on Shukar and Tuba, by one of the team members.


Blori Shah Karim

Relief Distribution No. 3:

Location: Tehsil - Blori Shah Karim (District, Tando Mohammad Khan)

Date & Time: September 27, 2011

Distribution items: Ration Bags, 300 bags (Containing: floor, rice, sugar, tea, dry milk, oil, daal masor, daal chana, mixed masala), mosquito coils, match boxes

On the morning of September 27, 2011, the team departed for their trip at 7:00 in the morning along with a convoy of army personnel, who provided security. There were two trucks carrying the goods. The army also helps us in identifying areas which to date have not been accessed by any other NGOs. This facilitates us in reaching out to areas which are more deserving.

We reached Tando Mohammad Khan at 12:30 PM, which is 35 KM from Hyderabad. It took us another two and a half hours to reach the villages identified for distribution. People there were in dire condition; they had not eaten in days. A man with 6 children expressed his gratitude, by telling us that the edible items given by Alhuda, would be food they would be eating after 15 days! Our ration bags, reached 300 families, each approximately having 5 to 6 members (1500 to 1600 people). Stagnant water is causing the villagers to loose their crops, which is their livelihood. Due to salinization (i.e.: accumulation of salt due to standing water) the land is also said to be infertile for the next two years. We set up two distribution sites, the first one in Noor Mohammad Soomro and the next one at Ali Mohammad Amro. To keep our distribution organized we had a token system in place, with each token given out upon obtaining thumb impression / signature of the recipient. Each individual was given a Ration Bag, a box of mosquito coils and a box of matches. Juices and instant energy packs for nutrition were also given to children gathered in the crowd. It took us almost three hours to complete distributing the food amongst the affecties in both the area and the journey back began at 5:30PM. The entire trip took a total of 17 hours, back and forth. To spread spiritual awareness a small dars was also arranged, in which ladies and gents were addressed on “Patience” and “Faith in Allah”.


Relief Distribution No. 2:
Location: Malkani (District Badin)

Date & Time: September 02, 2011

Distribution items: Ration Bags, 250 weighing 25Kg each (Containing: floor, sugar, tea, dry milk, oil, rice)

The journey started from Karachi, going through, Thatta, Sajawal reaching Malkani which is 60 KM from Badin city.
Ms. Leghari and her brother had done the initial work, organizing a list of people to whom the ration was to be distributed. We obtained signatures and thumb impression for our records. This did not help much as the crowd grew upon our arrival, reaching to be 6 times of our estimated amount, which was 250 (as our total bags were 250).

4 to 5 feet of water is currently standing in this area, which has resulted in destroying the entire crops and the livelihood of the people. A lot of people are also homeless as their houses are completely submerged in water, and food and shelter is their immediate need.


Relief Distribution No. 1:
Location: Kuddan (District Badin)

Team Members: Three males

Date & Time: August 26, 2011

Distribution items: Ration Bags, 200 weighing 25Kg each (Containing: floor, sugar, tea, dry milk, oil, rice)

The journey started at 06:00 AM going through Thatta, Sajawal, Badin and finally reaching Kuddan which is 30 KM away. Within Kuddan we set up our distribution site at Pakotar, by 01:30PM.


Allowing organized distribution of goods, we obtained signatures / thumb impressions of all the individuals to whom the good were distributed.

Limited funds allowed only purchase of goods to make 450 bags, 200 were distributed in Kuddan and 250 Bags in Malkani.

Quite a lot of people faced disappointment because our bags were not enough to be distributed amongst the entire crowd (which was 4 times the number of bags). This was difficult for us because we were aware of the hardship these people were facing, who had lost their yearly crops (which included sugar cane, rice and cotton) and livestock, both of which are their bread and butter.

Also in Pakotar 4 KM from our distribution site, there is an Al-Huda Nazra Class, with 30 resident students. The rains severely affected the class room (which is 18*20 feet), submerging it completely in water. For safety purposes the students were moved to the nearest Masjid. For immediate relief clothing items, available with us were sent to these students.



Relief Medical Camp No. 5

Location: Doctors Goth (20-25 Km from Sangarh City)

Date & Time: From October 09, 2011, 7:00 am to October 10, 2011 at 11:30 pm

Patients Examined: 300 patients


A trip to Doctor Goth was organized on October 09, 2011 for a medical camp and ration distribution. The entire team of 7 individuals left Karachi for the district of Sanghar, starting the trip at 7 in the morning. But given the conditions of the roads and the distance of the village from Karachi, the team arrived at their destination, at 4 in the evening. A medical camp was set up, ration distribution was also initiated, but after maghrib, and due to low light, the team decided to continue the next day.

A female doctor travelling with the team examined the female patients and a male doctor, who joined the team in Sanghar, examined the male patients. A total number of 300 patients, which included men, women and children, were examined at the camp. This number included people from different near by villages, being, Chak No. 21, 22, 24 and 25. The people were seen to be suffering from various diseases and ailments, a high percentage were of gastro, malaria and hepatitis.

Biscuits were distributed amongst the children and the waiting patients, were also given a dars.

Since the team had been unable to distribute the entire ration, they stayed over night with a family in Sanghar and continued the next day, distributing the good and returning back to Karachi by mid night.

Relief Medical Camp No. 4

Location: Goth Khan Mohammad Lashari (6 - 7 KM from Tando Allahyar)

Team Members: 3 Doctors , 2 staff members, 2 volunteers

Date & Time: September 25, 2011 / 12.30 PM - 4.30 PM

Patients Examined: 200 families or 500 people

Goth Khan Mohammad Lashari is almost 6 to 7 KM from Tando Allahyar. This area is highly affected by the monsoon rains. 90% of the crops in this village are lost.  Financially, the entire village has gone back 3 to 4 years back and may not be able to cultivate the next wheat crop. Most of the people don't need financial help; they have reasonable living means and livestock. But the worst was the helplessness observed within people, who were stable in all forms, even had fertile crops to be harvested, but were unable to do so as the farms are filled with deadly snakes, and is a breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Thus, clean water and medical assistance is their priority.

It was observed that only 15-20% of the people needed help in reconstruction, while financial help was desired by many widows, orphans, elderly people who had no means of living. At 120 feet deep, boring gives drinking water, this can be used to provide water sources within the village.

Having left early in the morning we reached our desired destination in over 4 hours and set up medical camp in a concrete building, which is inherently a school. But due to unavailability of teachers, the school is currently lying vacant.

Dr. Faiza and Dr. Anam treated the women and kids while Dr. Fakhruddin (from Hyderabad) treated the male patients. Having devised a token system, we gave out 200 tokens, one per family, hence a total of 500 patients were examined in our medical camp; most of them were suffering from Malaria, chest infection, typhoid and various skin and eye infections. Some patients, with chronic illnesses also appeared but they were advised to attend the hospital in Tando Allahyar.

We also distributed some items amongst the patients, who visited the medical camp, this included, water buckets and water purification tablets, to allow them to purify water, and ready to eat food sachets, specifically for children.

Relief Medical Camp No. 3

Location: Hawaii Addo (District Thatta)

Team Members: Dr. Faiza, Dr. Anam, Abdul Jabbar, Abdul Waheed, Dur-e-Shahwar, Mehtab Shah, Zohra, Ali

Date & Time: September 18, 2011 / 3:00 PM – 5:40 PM

Patients Examined: Approximately 175

Hawaii Addo is a village in District Thatta, and has been aided in the past by Alhuda International. A permanent weekly class is conducted at a madrassah there, and water pumps and jhuggis have also been built for the villagers.
Upon completion of the morning camp at Salmna Kherai, and given the availability of medicine, the team went to search for more IDPs in the same region. They were guided to Hawaii Addo, whose resident’s required immediate medical attention. The camp only facilitated women and children, and a huge crowd of approximately 175 gathered immediately on our arrival.
One of the major differences in the previous camp and this one was the nature of diseases the villagers were suffering from. There were cases of gastro, cough, Tuberculosis, Hepatitis and various skin diseases, but also majority were eye and ear infection patients.


Relief Medical Camp No. 2

Location: Salman Kherai (3KM from Hawaii Addo, District Thatta)

Team Members: Dr. Faiza, Dr. Anam, Abdul Jabbar, Abdul Waheed, Dur-e-Shahwar, Zohra, Ali

Date & Time: September 18, 2011 / 10:00 AM – 1:30 PM
Patients Examined: 150

Salman Kherai is a village in District Thatta, which was severely affected by the floods of 2010. Donations directly received from Dubai Islamic Bank, were used to rebuild jhuggis for the villagers. Although moderate rains were reported, with Allah’s will, reconstruction work done at the village prevented further damage during the recent monsoon rain. This included protection of self, their goods and livestock. Due to the progressive work being done by Alhuda International, people of Salman Kherai personally requested us to set up a medical camp for its people. This was further enticed by the death of one of the villagers suffering from severe gastro and malaria.
Hence, we set up our second medical camp in this region, on September 18, 2011. As per token count, a 150 men, women and children were examined, during the entire duration of the camp. Free medicines, as prescribed were distributed amongst the patients. Individuals suffering from various diseases, including malaria, gastro, cough, Tuberculosis, Hepatitis and other skin disease, were checked. Patients with symptoms of Tuberculosis and Hepatitis were referred to hospitals for future follow up.
The village has a resident compounder, who was a major help in assisting us through out the camp, by translating and facilitating the patients.

Relief Medical Camp No. 1

Location: Khokrapar No. 4 (Malir, Karachi)

Team Members: Dr. Faiza, Dr. Farzana, Dr. Anam, Robina Somroo, Rozina Pervez

Date & Time: September 16, 2011 / 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM

Patients Examined: 83

The medical camp was set up in Khokrapar No. 4, for flood affected families from Juddo, a village near Mirpur Khas. 53 families were present, while a total of 83 patients were examined that day, with various diseases and ailments (i.e.: fever, cough, stomach ache, rashes and scabies). Mineral water bottles and biscuits were also distributed amongst the families.

Alhuda International is directly involved in collecting funds and using it to buy basic necessities required. This time, with mashwara, it has been decided that no donations will be accepted in kind. Following are the bank details, specifically set up to collect donations for the flood effected areas:

A/C Title: AL Huda International Welfare Foundation

A/C # 200126818 (Rupee)

A/C # 200137252 (GBP)

A/C # 200132455 (US$)

Branch Code: 1739

Swift Code: UNILPKKA741


F-8 Markaz, Islamabad, Pakistan.