Rehabilitation and Reconstruction after Floods

Rehabilitation and Reconstruction

Rohila wali Houses

Rohila Wali Houses Project

Visiting Areas:
  1. Jhanday wali
  2. Wasandy Wali
Date and Time:
Date:    13th October 2011
Time:    6:00am to 3:00pm
Description of Visit:
A four-member team from Al-Huda visited Rohila Wali completed houses on Thursday, 13-10-2011. The inhabitants of the new houses were excited to meet the team, were full of appreciation and gave lots of duas alhamdulillah.
These houses are built in the areas where no NGO had approached so far,because these areas are so isolated. In construction of these homes, priority was given to widows and destitute. Despite heavy transportation expenses and problems, Al-Huda built homes at Rohila Wali due to the dire need of the area. May Allah accept. Ameen.
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Malkani Monsoon

Project Monsoon 2011-2012 at Malkani (Sindh)

Report of Badin Housing :

Al-Huda International Welfare foundation has been trying to help the handicap, widows and needy in all spheres of life. In this connection, it has therefore taken the responsibility of building houses in the flood affected areas of Badin, where people were displaced due to the severe flood. These houses provided shelter to quite a few numbers of families (if not all) who were suffering under the open skies with no food and shelter. Therefore, Al-Huda welfare built 80 houses.

The main features of the Badin Housing Project are as follows:

  1. Construction: The construction of the project commenced on 30/03/2012 where the labor work was carried out by the locals who worked very hard to complete the project.
  • The project was completed in two phases. Forty houses in first phase and forty in second phase. The cost of each house is Rs. 79,876/- and the total cost of eighty houses is Rs. 6,390,080/-
  • Materials like cement, tiles, bricks and sand were bought from Badin.
  • Windows, doors, tiers, garders were bought from Karachi.
  • Most of the labors were the people who were candidates for the houses.
  • The rooms have been built in the size of 12x13 and 12x14
  • Details of the material used in this project is as follows:

Phase 1 room size 12x13

  • Lal Bricks              7000
  • T/R                       10
  • Garder                  03
  • Tiles                      350
  • Door 3’x6’              01
  • Window 2’x2’         01
  • Wages                   9100/-
  • Sand                     Less than half truck
  • Cement                 18 bags
  • Iron for plinth         Rs. 1000/-

Phase 2 room size 12x14

  • Lal Bricks              7500
  • T/R                       11
  • Garder                  03
  • Tiles                     350
  • Door 3’x6’             01
  • Window 3’x4’         01
  • Wages                  10400/-
  • Sand                     half truck
  • Cement                 20 bags
  • Iron for plinth        Rs. 1000/-
  1. 2)Madressah: Deeni Taleem was being imparted to the locals in Badin since a few years. Due to the local demand, the need for madressah was felt and as such madressah has been built in the same period of the housing project costing Rs. 4,76,175/- which consists of a hall 17x20, one room 12x14, one washroom 4x4 and a wuzu khana. Madressah is fully equipped with electricity.

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